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Jamey’s Interview with The Instrumentalist

CalendarFebruary 13, 2018
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The Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Jazz On Guitar

CalendarJanuary 30, 2018
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Jazz is an amazing fusion of multiple genres, developed in New Orleans through African-American communities in the late 19th century. Although initially controversial, jazz found its place within popular culture and the scene is still thriving today – its relevance is seen in movies, games and continues to influence pop music immeasurably. Blending blues, ragtime, classical and other popular genres of the era, jazz drew on these influences and broke the rules of them all to create a highly distinct sound. As a beginner, learning jazz guitar can initially seem daunting. This tutorial will require some basic knowledge of chords, scales and harmony, but is beginner-friendly enough to give you a great introduction to playing jazz on your guitar. If you want to learn how to master jazz on guitar, practicing the following regularly will help you reach your goals faster as you begin to connect the dots.

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2018 Summer Jazz Workshops Registration Open

CalendarDecember 19, 2017
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2018 Is Approaching … Don’t Miss Out!

You can now register for the 2018 Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops at the University of Louisville!

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Ready For Freddie

CalendarDecember 12, 2017
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Well, I was just sorting through some photos and picked a CD without looking at it and put it in the CD player. Right away I recognized McCoy and then in comes Freddie. It was bringing back some strong recollections. By the time they got to Birdlike, it dawned on me how much Freddie’s solo on that track has influenced my lines. That album was made in 1962 and I was just getting my masters in sax at Indiana University, 55 years ago.

Freddie, Freddie. He never called me Jamey. Always, AEBERSOLD! The last time I saw him was at an IAJE convention in Anaheim, CA and he was signing autographs in a booth. He saw me and said something like: “Aebersold, I ain’t dead yet!”

I love jazz music AND the people.

From Jack Grassel, Guitarist

CalendarNovember 28, 2017
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When I was studying with Tal Farlow at his house from 1992 – 1997, he always had some of Jamey’s Play-A-Longs going when I would come over for a lesson. Sometimes he would be just listening to them as background music while he did chores silently. I think he would be soloing in his head while doing the dishes, etc. I started doing that too after I saw him do it. Then you can create lines in your head that would not be limited by one’s technical level on the instrument. After practicing with a Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Long in your head without an instrument, when you go back to playing with it on an instrument, a different place is reached and physical cliches are left behind.

Jamey Performs At The Cincinnati Library

CalendarNovember 14, 2017
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Jamey performs at one in a series of events of jazz concerts sponsored by Jamey Aebersold himself at The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County in Cincinnati, OH. These jazz concerts happen once a month and you can get the full schedule here to find out exactly when and who will be performing. Jamey has graciously made available his latest performance from Oct. 2017 here for you to enjoy.

Download the concert (.zip file containing MP3’s of the performance).

Enjoy and get out there experience live jazz!