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Aebersold Under The Sea

CalendarOctober 17, 2017
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An Array of Horns, Smoothly

CalendarOctober 13, 2017
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Somehow, smiling while keeping his embouchure as he plays sax, Audley Reid is a sight to behold and a feast for the ears. The groove and funk spilling from his horn catches the audience in an acoustic vise.

He’s performed internationally including in his native Jamaica. A strong figure in the Chicago smooth jazz scene, he can easily slide from smooth to Caribbean to R&B or from Christian to straight-ahead. His CD titled “A Plays E” was ranked #3 by Smooth Jazz and More internet radio. Read the full article …

The Beat Goes On

CalendarOctober 10, 2017
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Back in February, 2017, Jamey was the subject of another fantastic article by the News and Tribune, a community publication in Jamey’s hometown of New Albany, Indiana. Written by Elizabeth Beilman with photo credit to Josh Hicks, the article focuses on a little bit of Jamey’s history to his continuation of jazz education today.

“The reason he still does it is simple — he just likes teaching.”

Check it out. The article also includes a link to a video of Jamey’s quartet performing.

The Beat Goes On: New Albany Jazz Master Jamey Aebersold Brings Music to Community

Weather Forecast: Strong North Wind Approaching

CalendarSeptember 28, 2017
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With an octopus-like grasp into the performing arts world, Bianca Rossini has done so much already: acting in films and TV dramas, and hosting her own TV talk show; writing, composing and performing music heavily influenced by her Brazilian roots; publishing a poetry book; dancing and even puppetry. The creative flow is unstoppable and her energy is infectious. She has just released the new CD “Vento do Norte” and this north wind is about to bring the jazz world much more hot music. Read the full article …

Jamey On The Blues

CalendarSeptember 26, 2017
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Bb BLUES (concert key)

The JAZZ BLUES is 12 measures long. THE most common song form. Is usually played in 4/4 time but can be in 3/4 or 6/8 etc. Usually played in SWING TIME but can be Latin, Bossa, Rock, etc. Harmony/Chords are played over and over (12 Bars Repeated). Is played slow, very fast and all tempos in-between. Read the full article …

A Jazz Instructor Supreme

CalendarSeptember 12, 2017
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Jamey Aebersold is responsible for all those fantastic play-a-longs, those books with exercises and scales and arpeggios. He is also a very accomplished and respected sax player and educator.

Having just finished two back-to-back weeks running his annual Summer Jazz Workshops in Louisville, KY, Jamey was happy to report over 500 lucky instrumentalists came from all over the globe to participate.

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