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Since 2007, the website development of the has laid somewhat dormant in terms of the look and feel. The design worked, the functionality worked and has continued to produce and distribute the world’s best jazz educational materials. As a result, all was well and good and some would leave well enough alone. However, technology moves pretty quickly and it’s time we breathe new life into some of the functions, features, and over all presentation of both our products and services.

The goal of this particular set of articles is to keep those interested up-t0-speed with everything we are doing to better engage our customers and provide a more quality shopping experience. You may have already noticed our homepage has changed quite dramatically: website development homepage 2007-2016
Old (circa 2007-2016) homepage screenshot new for 2017
New (2017)


What’s new?

As you can see, things are quite different. First, we expanded the desktop real estate from 960px to 1140px. We wanted to take advantage of the ever-increasing size of displays by desktop users. To make the most out of our new found real estate, we also moved our existing category list from the sidebar to the top. We implemented a mega-menu and reorganized the categories to make it easier to find that special jazz book or music accessory.

Additionally, we created some product displays which allow us to showcase new items such as Frank Trumbauer’s “Saxophone Studies“, Zvonimir Tot’s “Jazz Guitar Harmony“, and “Body & Soul: The Evolution of a Tenor Saxophone Standard” by Eric Allen.

We maintained the “Deal of the Day” and added a weekly “Featured Item”. There is a handy set of links here on the homepage that can help you quickly find some of the jazz freebies that Jamey has to offer. In the footer, you’ll find some quick links to customer service as well as to the Jamey Aebersold world-famous Summer Jazz Workshops.

In general, we hope you enjoy these new changes as much as we do. We are going to making a lot of changes and implementing new features over the coming months. In case you’re wondering, yes, we are going to get mobile-friendly!

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By Jason Lindsey

Jason Lindsey is a Website Developer and Graphic Designer specializing in WordPress & Miva Merchant eCommerce Development.

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