A Klezmer Wedding For Quartet with opt. String Accompaniment

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Format: Arrangement
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Author: Mike Curtis
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 40022
UPC-A: 805095400229

Optional String Pack
Compatible with the following arrangements:
06401 (String Quartet), 08405 (Woodwind Quartet), 08406 (Clarinet Quartet)

Klezmer is the centuries-old, celebratory music of the Eastern European Jews. Long associated with old-world style weddings and the dancing that follows, this music has experienced a major revival as part of a global fascination with world music. A Klezmer Wedding is a set of four dances, newly-composed but based on traditional models.

The Doina is an expressive chant for three successive soloists; it twists and turns with the wailing lament of a shepherd´s pipe. Next follows the Hora, a slow Rumanian dance in three with a mood that reflects the wedding´s solemn vows. A Chusidl, with a moderate speed and bouncy rhythms, gets the party to the dance floor. The concluding Freylach (happy, but still in a minor key!) takes the bride, groom, and guests to the edge of frenzy.

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