Amazing Phrasing Series for Guitar






Product Code: AP-GU
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 978-0634021640
ISBN-10: 0-634-02164-8
UPC-A: 073999955835
88 pages

50 Ways to Improve Your Improvisational Skills. Book & CD Package by Dennis Taylor, Steve Herrman. These books (available for alto & tenor sax, trumpet, keyboard, and guitar) are for players interested in learning how to improvise and how to improve their creative phrasing.

Guitar: This book/CD pack explores all the main components necessary for crafting well-balanced rhythmic and melodic phrases. It also explains how these phrases are put together to form cohesive solos. Many styles are covered – rock, blues, jazz, fusion, country, Latin, funk and more – and all of the concepts are backed up with musical examples. The 50 ideas are divided into five main sections: The Basics – covers fundamental but all too often forgotten techniques, such as slurs and vibrato, that can breathe new life into your phrases; Melodic Concepts – explores various aspects of melodic phrasing, such as motifs, chromaticism and sequences; Harmonic Embellishments – discusses the melodic potential of harmonic intervals (dyads), chords and chord partials; Rhythmic Concepts – explores various aspects of rhythmic phrasing, such as accents, free-time phrasing and metric modulation, and how it pertains to melodic soloing; Solo Structure – all of the topics discussed in the book come together to help form the big picture. The companion CD contains 89 demos for listening, and most tracks feature full-band backing.

Melodic Motifs 1
Melodic Motifs 2
Odd-Meter Phrasing 1
Odd-Meter Phrasing 2