B-A-G Bossa Nova - Bk/CD for Recorder & C Instruments

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Format: Book/CD
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Author: Jim Tinter
Publisher: Jim Tinter Productions
ISBN-10: 0-9720102-3-8

B-A-G never sounded so cool! B-A-G Bossa Nova has a teacher kit which includes a 32 page book and a 50 track interactive demo/performance CD featuring live recorder tracks and having interactive lessons on playing the recorder, playing each song, articulation, solfege and Kodaly rhythm syllables. The book includes license to copy the notation; full scores with parts for Boomwhackers, electric/acoustic bass, and Orff and percussion instruments; individual parts for recorders and C instruments; guitar chords; solfege; and scat syllables for teaching jazz articulations and phrasing. Plus, duet/trio scores, written and recorded solo/echo patterns, fingering chart, transcribed solos, detailed teaching suggestions and a note names chart for students not yet able to read standard music notation.

Titles include Swing Along, Hot Cross/Merrily Mambo, Mary Loves Those Rhythm & Blues, Mary Had a Great Big Band, and B-A-G Bossa Nova.

Expanded teaching suggestions that have been classroom tested in real classrooms with real children!

Full scores including parts for C instruments, Orff and percussion instruments, Boomwhackers, guitar chords, electirc or acoustic bass, even solfege and scat syllables for learing jazz articulations and phrasing.

Recorded solo examples for modeling and listening

Solo accompaniment tracks for echoing, improvising, practicing and games

Accompaniment with and without recorder parts

Instructional material that can last for weeks

License to copy sheet music once teacher kit is registered.

Fun for listening, learning and performing at all ability levels - kids to adults.


Hot Cross/Merrily Mambo
Swing Along
Mary Loves Those Rhythm & Blues
Mary Had a Great Big Band
B-A-G Bossa Nova

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