Basic Theory for Electric Bass

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This text primarily concentrates on diatonic theory and practical application of the Diatonic Modes and related Diatonic Chords that are essential for learning and applying theory, harmony and technique directly to the electric bass. By studying and memorizing the mode and chord exercises with the fingerings and positions you will obtain a better knowledge of the electric bass finger board in its entirety, which is essential for mastering the electric bass.

The material provides a solid foundation in theory and technique to prepare for college auditions and professional performances. These studies should prove to be both a challenge and a helpful source of knowledge for any style of music you wish to perform or compose. Remember - theory is music and should be applied to all instruments. The contents of this text were written on the traditional four string, three octave electric bass and can be applied to five and six string basses.

Includes solo etudes and a play-along CD with 31 tracks of audio files.

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