Alfred's Music Playing Cards - International Drum Rudiments

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Format: Playing Cards
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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Series: Alfred's Music Playing Cards
ISBN-13: 9781470618568
ISBN-10: 1470618567
Publisher SKU: 43967
UPC-A: 038081493206
Instrumentation: Snare Drum

This full deck of real playing cards provides a unique way to familiarize yourself with drum rudiments. The deck is divided into four suits, each representing a different rudimental family: Roll Rudiments, Diddle Rudiments, Flam Rudiments, and Drag Rudiments. Four Jokers are included as well, each containing a brief history of the Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments, the PAS International Drum Rudiments, Hybrid Drum Rudiments, and suggestions on how to practice them.

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