The Jazz Workshop Series, Vol. 5: The Chick Corea Classics - Bk/CD






Product Code: CCCD
Author: Bill Dobbins
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: The Jazz Workshop Series
Publisher SKU: 14505

Spain - uptempo Latin. Arranged for trumpet and tenor sax.

Friends - Bossa-Nova.

Litha - alternates between 6/8 Latin & 4/4 straight-ahead jazz.

The Loop - jazz waltz.

Straight Up And Down - uptempo jazz, one of Chick’s most interesting up-tempo compositions. Arranged for trumpet and tenor sax.

La Fiesta - 3/4 Latin; arranged for trumpet and tenor sax.

Bill Dobbins - piano, Ron McClure - bass, Billy Hart - drums, Randy Brecker - trumpet and flügelhorn, Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone

Each volume of this unique jazz improvisation method includes: State of the art recordings (multi-track digital), recorded in the excellent Bauer Studios, where many of the productions for the record label ECM have been done, and in the Skyline Studios in New York City. Each set contains six complete performances, including opening and closing theme statements, improvised solos and six play-along tracks which feature the rhythm section without soloist. Many performances use the original arrangements from classic jazz recordings (So What, Equinox, A Night In Tunisia, ’Round Midnight, Con Alma, Webb City, Joshua etc.). Because the complete performances were approached as in a professional recording session the play-along versions sound fresh and spontaneous, with much interaction between the rhythm section instruments and the soloists. Piano and bass are clearly separated. Book with helpful commentary and analysis of each recorded performance in English, français and deutsch.

Transcribed solos: Each book contains at least one complete solo transcription, many excerpts from other solos (piano and bass solos as well as horn and guitar solos are included) plus appropriate chord/scale information, including modes of the major, harmonic minor, melodic minor and symmetrical scales.

Individual instrumental parts in C, B flat, E flat and bass clef: The detachable instrumental parts are extremely practical for both classroom and professional use.

Completely notated piano and bass parts: Volume 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 contain detachable piano (or guitar) and bass parts for all six compositions, volume 3 on 3 tunes (A Night In Tunisia, ’Round Midnight and Embraceable You). Transcribed excerpts from piano and bass accompaniments: Excerpts from piano and bass accompaniments have been selected in order to illustrate the most important techniques for developing accompaniments on these instruments. This includes piano chord voicings, harmonic substitution and embellishment, developing bass lines, interaction with other instruments, etc.