Jazz Clarinet

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Author: Bill Smith
Publisher: Parkside Publications
ISBN-13: 9780961726652
ISBN-10: 0-9617266-0-2

by Bill Smith

A masterful "how-to" primer of text and music for anyone from beginner to advanced player who would like to play jazz on the clarinet.


  • 1. An introduction to the special harmonies and rhythms of jazz music.
  • 2. 72 exercises in all keys and many rhythms, to illustrate many of the special techniques of jazz.
  • 3. Three Blues Trios, three Twelve-Tone Trios and sixteen jazz duets, none of which have been previously published. You will enjoy performing these duets and trios with other musicians.
  • 4. Solos on many jazz standards, including Giant Steps, Cherokee, What Is This Thing Called Love?, I Got Rhythm, Half Nelson, Someday My Prince Will Come, All the Things You Are and Green Dolphin Street.
  • 5. Chapters on many of the advanced techniques pioneered by Bill Smith, including amplification of the clarinet, atonal jazz, multiphonics, muted notes, etc.
  • 6. An extensive Jazz Clarinet Discography prepared by Editor Malcolm S. Harris.

  • The book is 136 pages in length, including 105 pages of music. The text and music typography are set to the highest standards. The book is spiral bound for convenient use on a music stand.

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