Chop Monster Junior

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Author: Shelly Berg, Margaret Fitzgerald, and Kimberly McCord
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Series: Chop Monster Series 1
ISBN-13: 9780739030844
ISBN-10: 0739030841
Publisher SKU: 00-20803
UPC-A: 038081205502

By Berg, Fitzgerald, McCord.

Chop-Monster Jr. is a teacher's handbook that clearly outlines how to teach jazz to elementary classroom music students (grades 3 to 6). No prior jazz experience is necessary for teachers or students. Imaginative call-and-response activities, movement, and circle games teach young people how to sing and play JAZZ! Students will be able to groove to and play jazz "swing" beats; vocalize and play swing eighth-notes; communicate musically through call-and-response; scat-sing and improvise one-, two-, and three-note phrases, independently perform kid-sized jazz works. 160 pages. CDs are full of examples, backing, and performance tracks.

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