The Complete Electric Bass Player Volume 1

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Author: Chuck Rainey
Publisher: Music Sales America
ISBN-13: 978-0-8256-2425-4
ISBN-10: 0-8256-2425-8
UPC-A: 752187372509

by Chuck Rainey

Learn electric bass from one of the most famous bass players in the world. This easy-to-follow method gives you the two skills you need...dexterity and musicianship. Illustrated throughout with superb demonstration photographs. Please specify volume.

Book Synopsis:

  • Book 1: The Method. Book 1: The Method -- Contains many original exercises designed to strengthen the hands and give independent finger control.
  • Book 2: Playing Concepts & Dexterity. Builds on your dexterity as a bass player, and develops your ability to play in all styles and handle all rhythms.
  • Book 3: Electric Bass Improvisation. Teaches you the important skill of improvising as applied to the electric bass. With exercises designed to improve both your technique and increase your musical knowledge.
  • Book 4: Slapping Techniques. Deals with the various slapping techniques possible on the electric bass. Filled with exercises designed to strengthen the hands for successful bass slapping.

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