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The Improviser's Guide to Transcription by David Liebman - DVD

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by David Liebman

A detailed description of the process of transcribing solos encompassing elements of ear training, notational devices, instrumental technique and musical analysis. 90 minutes

Transcribing a recorded solo is a method used by aspiring improvisers to help them understand many of the important subtleties of jazz not easily discernible through normal learning procedures. By assimilating a master’s improvisation, the musician develops an intuitive as well as intellectual understanding of aspects such as phrasing, varied articulation, ghost notes, rhythmic and expressive nuances – all of which alongside the actual notes played are what make jazz come alive.

“The Improviser’s Guide to Transcription” provides a detailed description of this process encompassing elements of ear training, notational devices, instrumental technique and music analysis.

Topics covered include the overall concepts and benefits of transcribing, saturated listening, vocalizing the solo, playing along with the recording, suggested methods of analysis, exercises to expand and individualize the material, categorizing and varying ii-V lines, choosing a solo to work on and more. The emphasis is upon using transcription as a tool towards finding one’s own individual voice.

David Liebman is a world renown performer, author and teacher having played and recorded with Elvin Jones, Miles Davis and Chick Corea among others early in his career before moving on to his own work. His playing and teaching concepts which are documented in numerous books, videos and recordings have influenced musicians and educators everywhere. On this DVD, he utilizes his several transcribed solos along with singing and playing demonstrations by musicians Caris Visentin Liebman and Gunnar Mossblad.

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