Sax Masterclass - James Moody






Product Code: D160
Author: James Moody
Publisher: Roberto Winds
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A nearly 80 minute masterclass discussion and nearly 30 minute live set!

What could be better than a legendary master with “class” giving a masterclass? Those of us who were lucky enough to have known Moody as a friend and teacher will understand the scope of the information presented in this informative and professionally produced DVD. Now is your chance to see Moody explain and demonstrate time-honored sax and jazz concepts before a live audience of inquisitive sax players. Even more important than the technical aspects of this discussion is his wit and wisdom obtained from more than 6 decades as a jazz master and as an ever-seeking, passionate student of music and life. He also delivers stellar bebop performances with his trio of Ben Street on bass and Johnathan Blake on drums.

James Moody, who preferred to be called by his last name, was born in Savannah, Georgia on March 26,1925 and is one of the great treasures of American culture. Whether on the soprano, alto, tenor, or flute, he always played with deep resonance and with and was regarded as one of the most unswervingly expressive and enduring figures in modern jazz. Two months after his passing, Moody won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album for his album Moody 4B. Besides being a great musician he was also the most generous and kind human being.

"If you're practicing something you've played before, you're not practicing."
- Excerpt from Masterclass with James Moody