Sax Masterclass - Lew Tabackin

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Author: Lew Tabackin
Publisher: Roberto Winds
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Now you never have to miss a class! Approximately 90 minutes long.
Hear one of the most assertive and distinctive voices of the modern tenor saxophone discuss the ins-and-outs of his raw and electrifying style as you sit-in on his master class attended by serious sax players and students. Lew answers questions about tone, technique, and performance concepts with insightful explanation and demonstrations on both flute and tenor.

Lew Tabackin, flutist and tenor saxophonist, is an artist of astonishing vision. His electrifying flute playing is at once virtuosic, primordial, cross-cultural, and passionate. His distinctive tenor sax style includes the use of wide intervals, abrupt changes of mood and tempo, and purposeful fervor, all in the service of showing the full range of possibilities of his instrument - melodically, rhythmically, and dynamically. Without copying or emulating jazz greats of the past, Mr. Tabackin has absorbed elements into his style, ultimately creating his own sound and aura.

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