Product Code: D217
Author: Bruce Gertz
Publisher: Gertz Music
Publisher SKU: BGV002

Walkin is the DVD acompaniment to Bruce Gertz's self published book of the same title (see related items below for the book). This DVD explains the various approach notes and scale type lines as well as fingerings for two octave scales and modes. Arpeggios and chord spellings also shown. There are over sixty examples of chord progressions to blues and jazz, standards.

DVD Contents:

  • Chapter 1: F Blues
  • Chapter 2: Sound, Damping, Attack, Amping, Registers
  • Chapter 3: Ballad, Left Hand Sustain, '2 Feel, Example 42 from book
  • Chapter 4: Different Rhythmic Styles, Articulation, Embellishment, Pick Up Notes, Dead Notes
  • Chapter 5: Swing Feel, Triplets
  • Chapter 6: Pull Off, Another Rhythmic Style
  • Chapter 7: Example 4 in book, Blues Straight, then embellished
  • Chapter 8: Electric Bass: Time and Groove
  • Chapter 9: Example 15 in book, with Rock Groove and Solo Fills
  • Chapter 10: Up Tempo vs. Slow Tempo - Counting Phrases
  • Chapter 11: Upright Bass: Melodic Bass Lines, Modal Style, 7th Chords & Triads, Ascending, Descending, Broken Intervals
  • Chapter 12: Scale Approaches, Examples in beginning of Book
  • Chapter 13: Chromatic Approaches
  • Chapter 14: Rhythm Tracks