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Publisher: Grossman's Guitar Workshop
ISBN-13: 9781579409012
ISBN-10: 1579409016
Publisher SKU: 95459DVD
UPC-A: 796279078344

Since first meeting in the 1920's, neither jazz nor the guitar have ever been the same. This swinging celebration of the union presents four legends of jazz guitar: Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, and Herb Ellis. "Of all the ways to improvise," say Kessel, "the most stimulating and demanding is jazz". The four artists here demonstrate stunning command of the fingerboard alongside inspired explorations of standards, blues and ballads.

Explosive cascades of notes as well as languid pools of music pour from these maestro's imaginations and fingers. "The object for me," said Joe Pass, "is to play music, to communicate, not to show hard things or fast things." While guitarists will note plenty that's hard and fast in this video/DVD, somehow these masters make even the impossible appear effortless. "That's class."

The booklet for the DVD is not included, but can be accessed and downloaded from guitarvideos.com.
Running time: 85 minutes.

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