All Star Bass: Bass As a Solo Instrument - DVD




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Product Code: D846
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 9780634099649
ISBN-10: 0-634-09964-7
Publisher SKU: 320488
UPC-A: 073999317350
Instrumentation: Bass

Ten of the most prominent bass guitarists since the inception of electric bass present the bass as a solo instrument and demonstrate their techniques.

In this insightful hour-long DVD, each artist presents techniques for performing improvisational solos to help you create your own unique sound and develop your own style.

Step into an in-depth and up-close session with these “in demand” bass players for a view of the bass as a melodic, rhythmic and alluring solo instrument.

Artists include: Nathan East, Larry Graham, James Jamerson, Abe Laboriel, Byron Miller, Chuck Rainey, Freddie Washington, Neil Stubenhaus, and Verdine White.

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