Michael Manring - DVD

Price: $19.95
Format: DVD
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Artist: Michael Manring
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Instructional/Bass/DVD
ISBN-13: 9781423401186
ISBN-10: 1-4234-0118-2
Publisher SKU: 320501
UPC-A: 073999684094
Instrumentation: Bass
52 minutes

Manring describes the techniques used on his Thonk CD, and demonstrates his approach to performing music in this DVD.

Lessons Featured:

  • Altered tunings
  • Slap technique with a fretless bass
  • Use of the EBow
  • Changing tunings
  • And more!!

  • 52 minutes

    On my CD "Thonk," I played four solo pieces that used unorthodox techniques. Since then, I've been asked a lot of questions about these pieces. In this DVD, I describe each of the techniques involved and demonstrate my approach to performing the music.

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