The Gary Potter Trio: Hotter Than Hot - DVD






Product Code: D900

This concert featuring the Gary Potter Trio was recorded live at Central Station, Wrexham, England, on August 19, 2000. The trio consists of Gary Potter (guitar), Nils Solberg (rhythm guitar), and Andy Crowdy (bass). They perform 10 pieces including Belleville, Limehouse Blues, and other standards. Interspersed with the tunes are snippets of an interview with Gary. Gary Potter first came to prominence in 1990 when he appeared in Django Legacy, John Jeremy's film documentary on the Django Reinhardt Memorial Festival in Samois, France. Here was a young, Liverpool based player of wonderful skill, who could play ferocious Chet Atkins licks and combine them with gypsy style flourishes and fast arpeggio runs in a unique style all his own. In the years since then, Potter has developed his playing so that he has become a truly world class player. Although he plays in many styles, it is as an individualistic exponent of the gypsy genre that he really shines. What he brings to this style, apart from an exceptional virtuosity, is a real sense of humor and joie de vivre that stamps his playing as pure Potter.