Dexter Gordon Solos






Product Code: DEX
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-10: 0-634-01760-8
Publisher SKU: 00853780
UPC-A: 073999537802

The excitement of a musical career spanning over 30 years is captured here in the 22 solos composed by Gordon and transcribed directly off his recordings.

Chord changes for tenor sax and in "C concert' key are provided along with Gordon's own articulations. Eight of these solos can be played with the Aebersold "Vol. 82 - DEXTER GORDON" Play-a-long!

- Apple Jump
- Backstairs
- Benji's Bounce
- Boston Bernie
- Cheesecake
- Daddy Plays The Horn
- Dexter Digs In
- Fenja
- For Regulars Only
- Fried Bananas
- Girl With The Purple Eyes
- Ltd
- Mischievious Lady
- Montmartre
- Setting The Place
- Soy Califa
- Stanley The Steamer
- Sticky Wicket
- The Apartment
- The Chase
- The Rainbow People
- Valse Robin