Wes Montgomery - Essential Jazz Lines for Guitar

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Author: Corey Christiansen
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
Series: Essential Jazz Lines
ISBN-13: 9780786661787
ISBN-10: 078666178X
Publisher SKU: 99905M
UPC-A: 796279079426
Instrumentation: Guitar

by Corey Christiansen.

Wes Montgomery took jazz guitar to a new level when he came to the public's attention in the late 1950's. Known for his fluid lines and his big jazz guitar sound, Wes influenced thousands of guitarists in the styles of jazz, blues, and rock.

This book will present some of the soloing techniques that Wes used as well has present many melodic ideas (lines) similar to the way he played over the chord progression in many jazz standards.

Because the major and minor ii-V-I progression are the most widely used chord progression in jazz standards, the lines in this text will work over these progressions.

The downloadable audio portion contains many play-along tracks (vamps of one chord and vamps around the circle of fourths) that the student should use to practice the material in one key and then master it in all twelve keys.

By learning the techniques used by Wes Montgomery, guitarists will add to their own improvising arsenal. As improvising musicians add to their collection of musical ideas, their ability to express themselves completely increases.

Have fun studying these ideas and applying them in improvised solos. Includes both Standard and TAB notation. 72 pages.

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