First Guitar Book - Beginning Level






Product Code: FGB-BL
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
ISBN-13: 978-1-939806-03-1
Instrumentation: Guitar

First Guitar Book was written to help the beginning guitar player learn to make music. The forty-four audio play-along tracks on the accompanying CD will give you real time experience playing chords with good rhythms, in time, in form, and in different styles.

For most students, the early stage of learning is the hardest. It is also the most crucial as this is the when many students quit. They are often discouraged because the first step looks so big. Also, it can be hard for the student to believe that such basic and simple exercises will actually lead to the desired goal of making “real” music.

As a teacher I have found that to ensure progress, enthusiasm must remain at a high level. In the beginning, setting goals that can be reached quickly is necessary to assure a sense of accomplishment. While it is necessary to practice the fundamentals, the task does not have to be boring. The play-along tracks will provide the environment for enjoyable learning. In addition, the student will develop many skills needed to actually play music with other musicians. First Guitar Book presents basic material in a way that is emotionally satisfying to the student.

First Guitar Book finishes with an introduction to bar chords. You can then go back to the beginning of the play-along CD and do it again with your bar chords.