Jazz Jam Session - Play-Along

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Author: Ed Friedland
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 978-1-4234-6569-0
UPC-A: 884088279769

15 Tracks Including Rhythm Changes, Blues, Bossa, Ballads & More
Author: Ed Friedland

Bring your local jazz jam session home! These essential jazz rhythm grooves feature a professional rhythm section and are perfect for guitar, harmonica, keyboard, saxophone and trumpet players to hone their soloing skills. The feels, tempos and keys have been varied to broaden your jazz experience. Styles include: ballads, bebop, blues, bossa nova, cool jazz, and more, with improv guidelines for each track.

Songs included:
Olive Me - C
Wonderful Glove - Dm
Airebil - Fm
Donnely - Ab
Alice's Blues - F
Spring Is Jumpin' - Bb
Mr. Mac - Cm
Main Street - Eb
My Raindance - Bb
G Baby - Eb
Have We Met? - F
No Greater Gloves - Bb
Into Somewhere - G
Bee Flat Blues - Bb

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