Jazz Chord Hanon

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Author: Peter Deneff
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
ISBN-13: 9780634066665
ISBN-10: 0-634-06666-8
Publisher SKU: 00695791
UPC-A: 073999723496
Instrumentation: Piano

70 Exercises for the Beginning to Professional Pianist. by Peter Deneff. The sixth book in Peter Deneff's popular Hanon series, Jazz Chord Hanon provides 70 essential exercises in a variety of styles to benefit beginning to professional jazz keyboardist, all based on the requisite Hanon studies.

The exercises address:
- Comping
- Major and minor progressions
- Chromatic and diatonic workouts
- Altered chords
- Progressively complex voicings
- The Circle of Fifths
- And more!!

Doing these exercises is guaranteed to build fluency in all twelve keys! Includes suggested fingerings and practice tips.

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