Complex City - Jazz Big Band Arrangement

Price: $75.00
Format: Jazz Big Band Arrangement
Product Code: JLP-7095


This composition by Oliver Nelson was recorded by the Jazz Interactions Orchestra in 1967, an ensemble led by pianist Billy Taylor. This is a brilliant and innovative piece of music. Less of an arrangement and more of a full-length composition, this features reeds on a variety of woodwinds and a percussion section including vibes, xylophone, timpani, and claves. This percussion part is meant to be played by a single person. There are many meter shifts including 3/4, 3/8, 3/16, 6/16, 5/8, 7/8, and 6/4!Oliver wrote this arrangement without a key signature and we have not included one. The first half of the composition is more classical inspired than jazz. There are Copland and Bartok influences throughout. An 8-bar drum solo leads the group into a bright swing feel for an open solo section. Solos are featured for piano, tenor saxophone, and trumpet. If your band can pull it off, this would make a fantastic concert or festival piece. Ranges: Trumpet 1: to F6; Trombone 1: to Bb4. Contemporary/Swing, Advanced.

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