Rainbow Rhapsody




Product Code: JLP-7126
Author: Rob DuBoff and Jeffrey Sultanof
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-7126

This beautiful Benny Carter melody was originally composed for the Glenn Miller band (arranged by George Williams) and recorded in 1942. Later Benny wrote his own arrangement of this tune for his big band but did not record it. This version features the sax section playing the melody, but the configuration of the reeds is standard: 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone. Piano is also featured playing the melody for 8 bars. Similar to other Carter arrangements, this chart features a nice saxophone soli as well as a section with 2 tenors, baritone, trumpet, and trombone (both on cup mute). This is not a difficult arrangement to play and the brass ranges are within reach of less experienced players. Piano chord voicings were supplied by Benny. A midi file has been provided to give you the feel of the arrangement. Ranges: Trumpet 1: to G5 ; Trombone 1: to G4 .

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