JUST PLAIN TALKIN’ - Big Band Arrangement

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Format: Arrangement
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Tadd Dameron wrote this arrangement for Benny Goodman in 1962 for his tour of Russia (it wasn't recorded). He based it on the arrangement that he had recently written for his Magic Touch record. This arrangement is very close to the one from the Magic Touch album. The main difference is that for this arrangement he added a clarinet part (a solo part for Goodman), left out the flute double on alto 1, and wrote a shout chorus. The clarinet part for Goodman was just a solo section. We have taken out this part and given the solo to tenor 1. So, this may be played by a standard big band of 5/4/3/4. We have also included an open solo section. Since there isn't a recording of this arrangement, we have included a sample of the arrangement that was recorded on the Magic Touch album, which will give you an idea of the feel of the chart.

* Trumpet 1: to D6
* Trombone 1: Ab4

1. Full Score
2. 2 Alto Saxophones
3. 2 Tenor Saxophones
4. Baritone Saxophone
5. 4 Trumpets
6. 3 Trombones
7. Guitar
8. Piano
9. Bass
10. Drums


Sample MP3

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