Jazz Pedagogy: A Canadian Perspective - REVISED 2nd Edition

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Author: Brian Lillos
Publisher: Creative Canadian Jazz Voice Publications
ISBN-13: 9780978075309
ISBN-10: 0-9780753-0-7
UPC-A: 9780978075309

Overview: A unique look at jazz education in Canada by 55 of its most highly esteemed educators/jazz artists.

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 • The Importance of Teaching the Oral Tradition
CHAPTER 2 • Learner Styles
CHAPTER 3 • Mentorship/Job-Shadowing/Practice
CHAPTER 4 • Myths about Jazz education
CHAPTER 5 • The Jazz Curriculum
CHAPTER 11 • Towards Teaching Jazz Improvisation
CHAPTER 18 • Choosing Repertiore for the Jazz Orchestra
CHAPTER 21 • Jazz Program Infrastructure
CHAPTER 34 • More Improvisation Navigating the Be-Boppers Harmonic Galaxy

"Pedagogy: A Canadian Perspective is one of the most important Jazz Works ever to come from Canada. In it, Brian Lillos has captured the essence of "The Community for Learning" that is so precious to jazz musicians in Canada. The scope of the text, both in content and authorship, is typical of Brian's exhaustive work, and illustrative of his collaborative and synergistic approach to everything he does. He is an unique musician; a first-rate player, world-class teacher, scholar, administrator, jazz advocate, and respected visionary in his community. I don't think there’s anybody else in Canada who could have pulled this off. The contributions to this book are from some of the best minds in music education. The collective experience and wisdom of these authors will, if taken and applied, benefit every conscientious music educator, as they have over many years benefited me."
- Tommy Banks

"This book, on the art of Jazz Pedagogy, is a must-have for anyone, Canadian or otherwise, who chooses to accept the awesome responsibility of teaching this beloved art form we call jazz. Exhaustive in content, thorough in concept, and authored by Canada’s elite cadre of jazz educators, this tome should be required reading for any and all teachers, from middle school through graduate studies, who teach any form of jazz. Authored and edited by Brian Lillos, one of Canada’s leading jazz pedagogues, this is a definitive text for any music educator. The articles found within offer insight into every aspect of jazz education, From basic fundamentals for a middle school rhythm section to how to administrate a top-level university program. The greatest strength of this offering, apart from it’s breadth of scope, may be in the choice of authors-- each an acknowledged authority within their area of interest. This gives the reader the advantage of access to the concepts of nearly thirty experts in this highly specialized field. Not only of value to jazz educators, this book also has the potential to open the doors to an area of music not often explored by teachers schooled in many more traditional music education programs, where jazz is rarely, or at best superficially, taught. Nor is this a book of value only to Canadian educators- teachers from any country in the world could make this their foundation for entering a brave new world, for the lessons learned in Canadian jazz education have universal merit. One can only hope that this book will become a new standard for jazz education."
- Denny Christianson - Director, Music Program Humber College Director of Education, IAJE Canada

"This four hundred forty-two page college jazz pedagogy text is a collection of essays by some of Canada’s leading jazz musicians and teachers. It covers a broad spectrum of topics of interest to the high school/college educator including educational philosophies and approaches, teaching strategies, jazz harmonic and rhythmic materials, composition approaches, repertoire considerations, jazz program infrastructure, rhythm section issues and remedies, rehearsal techniques, graduate jazz degree programs in Canada, and important Canadian organizations (e.g. Musicfest Canada). It also includes sections for the jazz professional with such topics as “Adjudicating a Jazz performance”, “Presenting a Jazz Clinic”, and information on professional jazz organizations (IAJE, IASJ). Jazz Pedagogy: A Canadian Perspective would make an excellent text for a post-secondary jazz materials/pedagogy course or as a reference text for high school jazz educators. The concepts presented are concrete and easily applicable to almost any educational setting. While it presents material by distinguished Canadians, the material is truly universal. Edited by Brian Lillos, the contributing authors include such important jazz educators as Pat LaBarbera, Ted Quinlan, Paul Read, Don Thompson, Ted Warren, Christine Jensen, Terry Clarke, Kevin Dean, Paul Tynan, and writer Mark Miller. The material is relevant, well organized and would benefit any jazz educator. If you are teaching jazz, you should have this text in your library."
- Reviewed by Prof. Terry O’Mahoney (St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS)

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