MOZART Complete Music for Piano 4 Hands (Digitally remastered 2 CD Set) for piano duet 1P/4H (minus

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Format: Book/2 CDs
Product Code: MMOCD3036



Author: Eleanor Hancock
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-032-4
ISBN-10: 1-59615-032-7
Publisher SKU: MMOCD3036
UPC-A: 77712330367
Instrumentation: Piano

This newly remastered and expanded 2-CD set is a treasure trove of some of the greatest classical music ever conceived for the one-piano/four-hand idiom. Many were written for his musical performances with his sister. Includes the famous Sonata in F, one of the greatest piano sonatas ever written in any format. This is an essential collection for any classical pianist. Includes written primo piano parts for all four sonatas, and secondo parts for the fantasias and the fuga. This new version has been expanded to include all repeats for each piece.

Includes a high-quality printed music score with selected primo (sonatas) and secondo (fantasias and fuga) piano parts, and two compact discs featuring the duet accompaniments to either primo (sonatas) or secondo (fantasias and fuga) part, so you can perform the other part alongside.

Performed by Eleanor Hancock, piano
Accompaniment : Eleanor Hancock, piano


Sonata No. 3 for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in F major, KV497 (minus primo)
Sonata No. 4 for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in C major, KV521 (minus primo)
Tema con Variazioni for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in G major, KV501 (minus secondo)
Fugue for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in G minor, KV401 (minus secondo)
Fantasia No. 1 for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in F minor KV594 (minus secondo)
Fantasia No. 2 for Piano Duet (1P/4H) in F minor KV608 (minus secondo)
Sonata No. 1 for Piano Piano Duet (1P/4H) in D major, KV381 (minus primo)
Sonata No. 2 for Piano Piano Duet (1P/4H) in B-Flat major, KV358 (minus primo)

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