English Consort Music (2 CD SET) (minus Recorder)

Book/2 CDs

Book/2 CDs




Product Code: MMOCD3359
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-335-6
ISBN-10: 1-59615-335-0
Publisher SKU: MMOCD3359
UPC-A: 77712333597
Instrumentation: Recorder (soprano)

This beautiful album of English Consort pieces contains a rich collection of fantasias, dances and suites from the 16th and 17th centuries. A delight!

Contains printed music score, and compact disc (with accompaniments only) in stereo.

Accompaniment : New York Consort of Viols: Fortunato Arico, bass viols; Lucy Bardo, treble viol; Judith Davidoff, treble viol; Grace Feldman, tenor viol; Alison Fowle, tenor viol; Ben Harms, percussion; Edward Smith, harpsichord


Giovanni Coperario - Fantasia
John Dowlands - Semper Dowland Semper Dolenms
John Dowlands - The King of Denmark's Galiard
John Dowlands - The Earl of Essex Galiard
John Dowlands - M. Henry Noel His Galiard
John Dowlands - M. Giles Hobies Galiard
John Dowlands - M. Nicholas Gryffith His Galiard
John Dowlands - M. Thomas Collier His Galliard
John Dowlands - Captaine Digorie Piper His Galiard His Galiard
John Dowlands - M. Buctons Galiard
John Dowlands - Mrs. Nichols Almand
John Dowlands - M. George Whitehead His Almand
Helmut Monkemeyer Brade - Canzon
William Lawes (Transr. Lefkowitz) - Suite No. 1 in G minor - Fantasia
William Lawes (Transr. Lefkowitz) - On the Plainsong
William Lawes (Transr. Lefkowitz) - Air
Johann Hermann Schein - Suite No. 3 - Pavane, 5
Johann Hermann Schein - Suite No. 3 - Gagliarde, 5
Johann Hermann Schein - Suite No. 3 - Courante, 5
Johann Hermann Schein - Suite No. 3 - Allemande, 4/ Tripla, 4
William Byrd - The Leaves Be Green
Woodcock - Browning Fantasy

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