PEPUSCH Trio Sonata in C major; TELEMANN Trio Sonata in C minor (minus Oboe)

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Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-354-7
ISBN-10: 1-59615-354-7
Publisher SKU: MMOCD3407
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Instrumentation: Oboe

These oboe sonatas by Pepusch and Telemann are great Baroque pieces for any oboist and are perfect training ground for the instrumentalist looking to learn ensemble playing. Classic "trio" sonatas of their age, they utilized a background of flute and "basso continuo"—a semi-improvised accompaniment commonly carried out by both a harpsichord and a viola da gamba, the two instruments serving as a full bass line supporting the other instruments.

The oboist is here afforded a wonderful opportunity to play this beautiful music in association with the wonderful Rameau Trio. Not too difficult, these pieces are perfect for the intermediate oboist, or for the beginner looking toward a moderate challenge. Listen to and study master oboist Virginia Brewer performing with the Trio, then you take your place with this group for one of the most marvelous experiences in chamber music—the Baroque trio sonata. Includes a printed guide to period ornamentation complete with musical examples.

Includes a high-quality printed music score, complete with period performance notes and examples; and a compact disc containing a complete performance with soloist; then a second version with the accompaniment, minus the soloist.

Performed by Virginia Brewer, oboe
Accompaniment : The Rameau Trio: Jean Antrim, flute; Jocelyn Chaparro, harpsichord; Fortunato Arico, viola da gamba


Sonata in C major for Flute (or Recorder), Oboe & Continuo
Sonata in C minor for Flute (or Recorder), Oboe & Continuo

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