SCHUMANN German Lieder For Low Voice (minus Vocal Bass-Baritone)

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Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-515-2
ISBN-10: 1-59615-515-9
Publisher SKU: MMOCD4025
UPC-A: 77712340250
Instrumentation: Vocal Bass-Baritone

These low-voice Lieder from Robert Schumann are classics; they demonstrate the composer's mastery of the form, and of the melodic line. Great music in this lovely nineteenth-century idiom.

Includes a high-quality printed vocal score and a compact disc with stereo accompaniments to each piece.

Accompaniment : John Wustman, piano


Widmung (after Ruckert) (F-Db)F)
Du bist wie eine Blue (after Heine) (Gb)
In die Fremde (after Eichendorff) (A)
Waldesgesprach, Mondnacht, Frühlingsnacht (after Eichendorff) (D-Bb-D)
Mondnacht (B)
Frühlingsnacht (E)
Himmel hat eine Träne geweint, Der (after Ruckert) (G)
Dein Angesicht (after Heine) (C)
Stille Tränen (after Kerner) (Ab)
Ich grolle nicht (after Heine) (C)
Aus den Hebraischen Gesangen (after Byron) (E-C#-E)
Meine Rose (after Lenau) (Ab)
Mit Myrten und Rosen (after Heine) (B)
Mein schöner Stern! (after Ruckert) (C)
Schöne Wiege meiner Leiden (after Heine) (D-F-D)

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