JOHANN STRAUSS Highlights from Die Fledermaus (minus Vocals)

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Format: Book/CD
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Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-559-6
ISBN-10: 1-59615-559-0
Publisher SKU: MMOCD4075
UPC-A: 77712340755
Instrumentation: Vocal General

From the world of Vienna in its glory days comes this, probably the most famous operetta composed. Johann Strauss's magical, delightful excursion into another time and place is waiting for your participation with this generous album of highlights!

Contains a beautiful, newly engraved, 80-page printed music score printed on high-quality ivory paper, with lyrics in the original German text; and a compact disc with digitally remastered, stereo accompaniments to the greatest highlights from this classic operetta.

Accompaniment : The MMO Orchestra


Die Fledermaus: Overture (instrumental)
Die Fledermaus - Act I: 1. Introduction ('Tハubchen, das entflattert ist')
Die Fledermaus - Act I: 3. Duo ('Komm mit mir zum Souper') (highlights)
Die Fledermaus - Act I: 4. Terzett ('So muss allein ich bleiben')
Die Fledermaus - Act I: 5a. Finale - Trinklied ('Trinke, Liebchen') (highlights)
Die Fledermaus - Act I: 5b. Couplets ('Herr, was dハchten sie von mir')
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 6. Entreact und Chor ('Ein Souper heut' uns winkt') (highlights)
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 7. Couplets ('Ich lade gern mir Gハste ein')
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 8. Couplets ('Mein Herr Marquis...')
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 10. Csヌrdヌs ('Klハnge der Heimat') (highlights)
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 11a. Finale II ('Im Feuerstrom der Reben')
Die Fledermaus - Act II: 11b. Finale II ('Br゚derlein')
Die Fledermaus - Act III: 12. Entreact (instrumental)
Die Fledermaus - Act III: 14. Couplets ('Spiel' ich die Unschuld vom Lande')
Die Fledermaus - Act III: 16. Finale - Schlusgesang ('Champagner hat's verschuldet')

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