SCHUBERT Piano Quintet in A major - op. 114 - D667 'Forellen-Quintett' or 'Trout Quintet' (minus d

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Schubert’s seminal chamber composition - the Piano Quintet in A major - D667 - commonly known as ‘The Trout’ or ‘Die Forelle - ’ is certainly one of greatest pieces of music ever penned. Its rich textures and lovely melody create an unforgettable musical experience. Its celebration of nature’s beauty stems from a summer trip in the Austrian Alps which inspired the young Schubert to rework a song into this complex chamber-piece. Composed of five alternating movements - ‘The Trout’ uses unique orchestration (substituting a double bass for the second violin) and gives special emphasis to the piano as well. But all the instruments take an equal role - and this may also be a reason for the piece’s eternal popularity. ‘The Trout’ instantly brings to mind the calm serenity of the summer mountain air - and its sparkling melody and gentle poignancy leave a particularly happy feeling in both player and listener. It is a joy-filled piece but at the same time is filled with a serene quality that makes it one of the most exhilarating pieces for any musician to play - and one of the most important compositions for any musician to learn. This Music Minus One edition gives you that opportunity - in the comfort of your own home.


Piano Quintet in A major, 'Forellen-Quintett' or 'Trout Quintet'
Piano Quintet in A major, 'Forellen-Quintett' or 'Trout Quintet'
Piano Quintet in A major, 'Forellen-Quintett' or 'Trout Quintet'
Piano Quintet in A major, 'Forellen-Quintett' or 'Trout Quintet'

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