New Orleans Classics (minus Double Bass)






Product Code: MMOCD4311
Author: Matt Perrine with Tim Laughlin's New Orleans All-Stars
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-113-0
ISBN-10: 1-59615-113-7
Publisher SKU: MMOCD4311
UPC-A: 77712343114
Instrumentation: Double Bass

Performed by Matt Perrine, bass and Sousaphone

Accompaniment: Tim Laughlin's New Orleans All-Stars

Many people consider New Orleans the birthplace of jazz. After all Louis Armstrong was born and played there, as well as Joseph “King” Oliver, the Dodds Brothers, Sidney Bechet and a roster of players to fill not one but many all-star bands.

Louis Prima was a ‘child of the Crescent City’ as is Harry Connick and Wynton Marsalis. The whole Marsalis clan was raised there, and are all acknowledged ‘jazz masters,’ so its reputation as the seminal jazz town has long been acknowledged.

We assembled a band of New Orleans’ best players for our times, veterans all of many street parades and steamboat gigs, and asked them to put together a typical program of New Orleans Classics. Under the direction of Tim Laughlin, clarinetist supreme, and led by Connie Jones, Jr., one of the great hornmen of this city which boasts so many great players…..they put together an album of must-hear, must-have songs that every traditional jazz player cherishes.

Hear them now in these perfect renditions. Then join the band on your own instrument, be it clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tenor, piano, bass or drums as they swing through the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Listen, can you hear that band? Audio samples galore await you down below.

Includes newly engraved solo charts printed on acid-free, ivory paper; and two compact discs featuring complete versions of each tune, plus a recording of the accompaniments minus the soloist. Also includes slow-tempo versions of most up-tempo pieces for practice purposes.


Blue Orleans
Dumain St. Breakdown
Fidgety Feet
March of the Uncle Bubbys
Means to Miss New Orleans
Quincy Street Stomp
Royal Garden Blues
Savoy Blues