MOZART Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major - KV493 (minus Piano)






Product Code: MMOCD6021
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-095-9
ISBN-10: 1-59615-095-5
Publisher SKU: MMOCD6021
UPC-A: 77712360210
Instrumentation: Piano

When the influential publisher Hoffmeister canceled Mozart’s series of piano quartets - the composer had luckily completed the second quartet - and it was published by another firm in 1786. Lucky for us - this classic of the chamber genre is one of the great Mozart compositions. The purity of structure - enchanting melody and beautiful interplay between instruments makes it a must-have for all pianists. The first-movement Allegro begins intensely but integrates gracious themes throughout. The Larghetto presents a richly conceived slow movement that features much back-and-forth between piano and strings - and a delicately beautiful ending. The third-movement Rondo (Allegretto) is full of fire and energy with much for the pianist to enjoy. In short - it is an essential and rewarding addition to any pianist’s library. And this Music Minus One edition brings it to you in a beautiful digital stereo recording with a beautifully engraved new score.


Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, KV493
Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, KV493
Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, KV493

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