Rutgers University Music Dictation/Ear Training (7 CD Set)

Book/7 CDs

Book/7 CDs




Product Code: MMOCD7001
Publisher: Music Minus One
ISBN-13: 978-1-59615-678-4
ISBN-10: 1-59615-678-3
Publisher SKU: MMOCD7001
UPC-A: 77712370011
Instrumentation: Instructional - Music & Musicians

A course in basic musicianship, ear-training and sight reading. Over seven hours of intensive study covering all of the fundamentals of music: melodic dictation, major scales and key signatures, intervals, rhythmic patterns, pitch and note values, scales, two-part dictation, and more. Paced for easy learning with test materials enclosed. This series is designed to use in home or school. It is ideal for musicians and vocalists. Invaluable for chorus. The Rutgers Ear Training ourse is now in use in over 2,000 universities as well as in countless high schools and by individuals throughout the world. Over 100,000 sets are currently in use.

Book/test materials
7 CDs with narrations and exercises


Two-Part Dictation
Explanation of Intervals
Melodic Dictation
Description of Triads
Pitch and Note Values
Major Scales & Key Signatures
Scales Most Frequently Used
Rhythmic Patterns

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