MBGU Jazz Curriculum: Jazz Moveable Shapes - Concepts for Reharmonizing II-V-I's






Product Code: MS
Author: Sheryl Bailey
Publisher: Mel Bay
ISBN-13: 9780786679362
ISBN-10: 0786679360

This book offers an easily learned method that will quickly move the student from intermediate into advanced harmonic territory, adding richness, texture and uniqueness to the improvisational approach. The concept starts with common elements of basic diatonic harmony and “moves” them in ways that gradually increase the harmonic complexity of their application. Students will greatly expand chord vocabulary and add considerable interest and depth to improvisations. This method provides a simple approach to making the use of alterations and extensions a natural part of any player’s harmonic vocabulary.

• Simple, familiar forms are applied in unique ways to add richness and texture to the improvisational sound.
• Uses a simple methodology to integrate alterations and extensions into the harmonic repertoire.
• Rich with ideas to open your ears and add harmonic interest to your playing.
• Reinforces knowledge of chord scales, arpeggios and drop 2 and drop 3 chord voicings.
• Following the completion of this study, the concepts from this book can be used by anyone to continue to experiment and discover a unique and individual sound.