Organic Music Theory






Product Code: OMT
Author: Ben Schwendener
Publisher: The Pumping Station
ISBN-13: 9780984921690

Based on the "Lydian Chromatic" concept. Facilitate creative choices from naturally occurring-organic-and self-organized universal elements

Organic Music Theory provides a radical perspective on creative production. Given elements supplied by nature and history, creativity is simply a matter of choice; anyone who has ever made a choice is 'creative.' However, instead of relying on recipes created by individuals of the past, OMT facilitates each of us to compose languages of the future, making creative choices directly from naturally occurring--organic--and self-organized universal elements.

Based on theory that began in the modal period in jazz, Ben Schwendener clearly explains and then expands this perspective into a broad range of applications. This important work is intended not only for musicians, but for anyone sensing the existence of a larger realm of creative choice.