Practice Like The Pros

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Format: Book/CD
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Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-10: 0-8256-1930-0
UPC-A: 752187973805

Discover the favorite practice routines of today’s finest sax players. Each artist gives a personal look at how and what to practice. Included are exercises for technique, tone and intonation, scales and chords, articulation, and ear training. 20 musicians contribute to the book and the accompanying 2 CDs.

Artists included:
- Carol Chaikin
- Sheila Dreyer
- Mark Friedman
- Samuel Furnace
- Dave Glasser
- Mark Gross
- Cleave Guyton
- Jenny Hill
- Matha Hyde
- Virginia Mayhew
- Andy Middleton
- Tom Murray
- Tom Olin
- Joy Rodriguez
- Benny Russell
- Andrew Sterman
- Taimur Sullivan
- Jorge Sylvester
- Sue Terry

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