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Farleys PT-15 Chromatic C Pocket Tones

Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $13.59
Format: Hardware
Product Code: PT



Publisher: Farley's Music
UPC-A: 796279097840

The PT-15 is the most sought after and versatile Pocket Tones yet.

It can be used for virtually any instrument, and has specialized uses as well.

A cappella and choral singers find the chromatic C indispensable, it is a must, especially when there is no piano or other reference instrument near by.

Band directors and timpani players love the fact that it is non-disruptive when tuning during performances. The volume control dials down to a ‘whisper’, and a 40-voice choir can hear it at max volume. The individual note select gets you an immediate tone, and besides all of that, the PT-15 fits right in the palm of your hand!

Pocket Tones are sanitary, accurate, and a fantastic way to develop perfect pitch.

Download Jamey's suggestions for using the Pocket Tones Pitch Pipe

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