Rhythm Changes, Volume 2 Book/CD Set

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Author: Frank Vignola
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
Series: Vignola Play Along
ISBN-13: 9780786660070
ISBN-10: 0786660074
Publisher SKU: 99320BCD
UPC-A: 796279075459

This volume in the Frank Vignola Play-Along Series contains nine solos which have been written and recorded over blues and rhythm changes in many different keys. One of the etudes has been recorded both at a slower tempo for practice and also at performance tempo. The performance-tempo recordings of the solos include numerous choruses of rhythm section only. This allows for individual practice of the written solos or practice of original ideas with a "live" rhythm section. Occasionally, during these "rhythm only" sections, Frank Vignola will play an improvised solo for four, 12, or 24 measures. This allows the student to interact with the recording by copying ideas, building upon what has just been played, or practicing the chords to the piece. The Frank Vignola Rhythm Changes series gives any student of jazz guitar great ideas for playing solos over one of the most popular musical forms in jazz. Written in notation and tablature.
Also available in Japanese from ATN, Inc.

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