Solo Jazz Piano: A Linear Approach - 2nd Edition






Product Code: SJPLA
Author: Neil Olmstead
Publisher: Berklee Press
Series: Berklee Guide
ISBN-13: 9780876391204
Publisher SKU: 50449641
UPC-A: 884088656157
Instrumentation: Piano/Keyboard

Learn to improvise using the techniques pioneered by piano greats Lenny Tristano and Dave McKenna. This methodical approach to learning the art of solo jazz piano improvisation will free your creative sense of music. It begins with a review of chord symbol interpretation, walks through bass line development, and ends with how to play several melodic lines simultaneously in stimulating musical conversation. You'll learn how to develop solos that embellish and support the melody, and use lead sheets to help you generate your own musical ideas. Twenty-one lessons present techniques, practice exercises, and tunes based on jazz standards. Notated transcriptions of sample improvisations illustrate each lesson's technique, and the accompanying CD lets you hear a master improviser put these ideas to work. Packed with hundreds of ideas that will teach you the art of improvisation!


Ultra Violet
Laura Lightly
Jester Play