How To Find and Form A Successful Music Group

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Author: Frank O'Brien
Publisher: Writer's Inked
ISBN-13: 978-1-61658-130-5

by Frank O'Brien

Music is many things, but at its heart it is sharing. Once a person has played music a while, it normal to think about performing with others. This simple wish has many parts. This 'how to' book covers the steps in forming a group and perhaps eventually playing a gig. It is the only book published on the subject.

It works for rock groups, jazz combos, pop bands, in fact, any kind of group that wants to play music. There is also a glossary to explain music terms. Here is a sample of the topics: advertising and interviewing other players; setting up and helping organize a rehearsal time and place; designing your own music space and ways to practice, memorize, and change songs; and how to meet and talk to club and restaurant owners.

One chapter focuses on the need for civility between members. Many groups don't last because players have not learned how to encourage and respect other players. This book is not a quick read. It fully covers many topics connected to organizing and playing music with others. While the reader can to spend time digesting chapters and learning the detail work needed to keep a music group growing, to make referencing easier, the chapters are self-contained and the reader can jump around to topics of interest.

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