Sight Reading - Book 12 - Atonal






Product Code: SRBK12
Author: Jim Stinnett
Publisher: Stinnett Music
Series: Sight Reading
Publisher SKU: SRBK12
Instrumentation: Bass

Sight Reading Book Twelve - Atonal is the final book in this series. While I do not consider this book to be an advanced reading text, it can present quite a challenge. Because of the Atonal aspect to the lines, our hands and ears are not normally accustomed to reading this style of music. That is one of the things that makes this book fun!

Atonal does not mean that the music is simply random. There is symmetry and phrasing in good atonal music. As you play through the book you will hear and recognize recurring themes throughout. I have included rehearsal letters. These alphabet letters mark obvious sections in the music, like movements in a symphony.

I am confident you will enjoy reading from this book. Get the play-along track, and just push play.