Supersax Arrangement - Parker's Mood






Product Code: SS-PM
Author: Med Flory
Publisher: Jazz Lines Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1-57406-063-8



Supersax was a Charlie Parker tribute band formed by Med Flory and Buddy Clark that debuted in 1972. Their music consisted of harmonized arrangements of Charlie Parkers music played by a saxophone section (2 altos, 2 tenors, and a baritone), rhythm section, and frequently a brass instrument (trombone or trumpet). Notable brass soloists that recorded with the group included Conte Candoli (trumpet), Frank Rosolino (trombone) and Carl Fontana (trombone).

Here is Med Flory's arrangement of Parker's Mood as recorded by Supersax on 'Supersax Plays Bird.' Charlie Parker's original solo was transcribed in full by Med Flory and then harmonized to be played by a standard big band sax section (2 altos, 2 tenors and 1 baritone). This is a very difficult arrangement but well worth the workout. Med said that it took his band nearly a year to rehearse in advance of recording each of the Supersax records. There is a trumpet solo on the recorded version, but that can be an optional part. Well, here's your chance to put your sax section to the test! Enjoy the workout!

This is not a transcription. The original, hand-written manuscript has been used to produce this arrangement. This has been published with the authorization and full support of Med Flory.

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