Scat Singing Method - Beginning Vocal Improvisation






Product Code: SSM
Author: Dr. Scott Fredrickson
Publisher: Scott Music Publications
ISBN-13: 9780962017704
ISBN-10: 0962017701
Instrumentation: Vocalists

Vocal improvisation can be easily and effectively learned by singers or taught in a classroom situation. For choral ensembles, it is educationally valid as a supplement to the total choral musical curriculum by increasing creativity in individual students, and by enhancing the overall musicianship of entire ensembles. For individual singers, it can increase vocal skill, musicianship, and performance confidence.

Theme And Variation:

This new approach is based on the technique of theme and variation. By using the elements of vocal improvisation: syllables, melody, and rhythm, and applying the techniques, musical objectives can be met and instant success achieved. In other words, you can learn to improvise right NOW! Each Scat

Singing Method Contains:

Complete Step-by-Step Instructions
• All musical examples fully annotated
• All instructions and examples fully recorded
Two CDs
• 52 tracks of musical examples and instruction
• 110 minutes of playing time
Eight Performable Compositions & Arrangements
• Arranged in various styles, tempos, and keys
• Each piece includes vocal melody
• SAB backup parts
• Written-out piano, bass, and drum parts