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Uncommon Bebop from Common Bebop Practices & Concepts






Product Code: UB
Author: Mike Rossi
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-89221-842-5
Publisher SKU: 14277

Uncommon Bebop from Common Bebop Practices & Concepts demonstrates how to develop a colourful language for improvisation from common bebop practices and devices. Learn how to alter melodic lines beyond their fixed state to create a wealth of material for improvisation while learning to hear and treat all twelve pitches equally.

The numerous lines, etudes and compositions within Uncommon Bebop illustrate how to:

• Create lines from various steps of common bebop scales.
• Contrast set lines and phrases.
• Expand 8-note bebop scales.
• Develop multi-coloured variants from common major, minor and dominant bebop scales.
• Use the above techniques to create etudes and chromatic compositions that travel through all twelve keys.