Voice For Musicians




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Product Code: VFM
Author: Joyce Lucia
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN-13: 9780786607587
ISBN-10: 0786607580
Publisher SKU: 20727
UPC-A: 796279036566

by Joyce Lucia. Okay, if you want to sing as well as you play, you have to know the basics on how to get the most out of your voice. Pianists and Guitarists can triple their gigs if they can sing. Horn players can enrich their performance and play more venues if they can sing. Even if you just want to sing for your own enjoyment, why not at least explore some voice basics first?

Voice for Musicians is a product of nearly 30 years of teaching voice classes to instrumentalists at Berklee College of Music, Boston. It is a guide to non-classical singing with an emphasis on listening. Joyce Lucia, Associate Professor of Voice is also a physical trainer and aerobics teacher who stresses the difference in each person's voice and how recognizing those differences will allow each singer a unique road to vocal development and confidence.

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