The Yellow Jackets Songbook






Product Code: YEL
Author: Sher/Dunlap
Publisher: Sher Music
ISBN-10: 1883217067
Publisher SKU: 144

Complete package contains six separate spiral-bound books, one each for: Piano/partial score, C melody lead sheet, Synthesizer/miscellaneous parts , Bb & Eb Horn melody part, Bass, Drums.

Charts exactly as recorded - approved by the Yellowjackets. World famous Sher Music Co. accuracy and legibility. Over 400 pages.

Album Contents:
• Storytellers
• Imperial Strut
• Greenhouse
• Indian Summer
• The Hornet
• Sightseeing
• Postcards
• Indigo
• Spirits
• Evening Dance
• Prayer For El Salvador
• Galileo (for Jaco)
• Wisdom
• Invisible People
• Sandstone
• Whistle While You Walk
• The Spin
• River Waltz
• Foreign Correspondent

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